I was taking some time away from doing work and I decided to watch the Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Finale.

I started off thinking how the writers could top last year’s finale of Izzy’s cancer and George’s death. It would take soooo much to top that! If you havent watched the 2 hour finale yet and are a fan, please stop reading here.

Anyways, this 2 hour finale was packed with so much conflict, pregnancy then miscarriage, a resident doing an attending’s level surgery on the Chief of Medicine, friendships strengthened, friendships lost, relationships patched up and even a crash course on how to talk to a Gunman (did you know that you’re less likely to get shot if you spew details of your the little details of your life at gunpoint? I bet there’s something there to do about the guilt and the ability to relate to the potential victim).

If you want to read the write up of the last couple of episodes, you can find it here.

There was just so much crammed into those two episodes. It was AMAZING. I really didnt know whether to laugh, cry, or be scared. Now THAT is good scriptwriting! I felt myself rooting for people along the course of the episodes. I also felt myself analysing every little part of it and for the first time, I didnt feel like my analysis spoiled the show for me. I did realise though, that they killed off almost all the Mercy West staff members they introduced in the last season.

Oh what a rollercoaster ride! Life will never be as interesting as that. I’m glad for it as well. I dont think I’d ever want to be that scared in real life!